The poet Gustaf Adolf Jakob Neumann

Gustaf Neumann
Born in 1924
Finished junior grade at the missionary school in Dachsberg. He was meant to act as missionary for the monks of the holy Francis of Sales in Namibia. These plans, however, failed on account of the conuterreformation of Ferdinand II. and plea for tolerance by Joseph II. The missionary school then was closed by the "NS – Stillhaltekommissar" (NS -"keep still" commissioners). Senior grades were finished at the school of Benedictine monks in Kremsmünster and Schotten monks in Vienna, where he also got is school-leaving certificate.
The first poetry readings were given in 1943 and 1944.
Early lyrics were released by the Edmund Huyke publisher in Leipzig, yet were destroyed during the War.
Critics of the press in Moravia, Bohemian and upper Austria praised his work with headlines such as „A new Star in the sky of poets“.
1945 foundation of the Hausruck publishing house in Grieskirchen. Since 1945, with 21 years, publication of the weekly paper „Echo der Heimat“ (echo of the homeland) for upper Austria and soon after for every federal state.
First reports about NS – concentration camps and political crimes.
Owner and manager of book- and offsetprinters for over 30 years.
Joined the „Verband der Unabhängigen“ (formation of independents). With 24 years youngest party leader of Austria, yet not electable because of his age. Overthrown by radicalized groups.
First in the histrory of justice that helped the rehabilitate 13 wrongly convicted men. Saved innumerable farm workers and people affected by liabilities they couldn´t afford from injustice and arbitrariness.
President of the supervisory board of the Casinos Austria International Holding plc. Since 06/2007 honorary president.
Decorated with the title of "professor" and the great golden sign of honor for accomplishments for the state of lower Austria.
Author of 3050 leading articles and thousands of reports.
Oldest, still active newspaper editor of the world.
Father of 7 children, two time widower.
Founder of the „Gustaf Adolf Neumann Stiftung Tiere-Rechte“ (Gustaf Adolf Neumann foundation for animal rights).
Componist, consultant in architectural and graphical matters.